The 40 Seasons of Boston Lyric Opera: A History Part VI


At the end of Part V, Esther Nelson had assembled her leadership team, committed the Company to bold and thoughtful artistic choices, and reinstated a fourth production through the launch of Opera Annex, which quickly became a highly anticipated annual presentation in a nontraditional or found space.

The 40 Seasons of Boston Lyric Opera: A History Part V


Each week during 40 Days of Opera, check back on the BLO blog for a new installment of this in-depth history of BLO!

At the end of Part IV, BLO was facing major, existential questions at the end of Janice Mancini Del Sesto’s term of leadership. What sort of vision would the next General Director bring to Boston Lyric Opera? What sort of institution would BLO be after the new leadership team was in place?

HIGH NOTES: The Best Entrance Music Ever Given – The Habanera


Carmen and the best and sexiest entrance music ever given to any operatic character: the Habanera. And…it’s NOT BY BIZET! He appropriated the tune and set the melody to different words, thinking it to be a folk song.

Sorting BLO’s 40th Season by Harry Potter House


No matter your house, there’s an opera for you! Boston Lyric Opera’s 40th Anniversary Season is one of it’s most eclectic for several reasons. The venues might top most people’s lists as the most diverse thing happening this season as we move into a different space for each production, but how many arts companies do you know build a Season that can be sorted – accurately and honestly, but also by total coincidence – into Hogwarts Houses? BLO is the first for me.

The Art of the Bullfight


If you want a more complete picture of Spanish culture, study bullfighting. Famous writers of various nationalities have eloquently expressed that sentiment from Federico García Lorca to Ernest Hemingway, most notably in the American author’s Death in the Afternoon. “It is impossible to believe the emotional and spiritual intensity and the pure, classic beauty that can be produced by a man, an animal and a piece of scarlet serge,” Hemingway wrote in 1932.