EnVision Opera Challenge FAQ

Why is BLO offering a challenge grant?

In short, it is due to the generosity of a long-term BLO patron, whose ardent hope is to leverage their
$1 million gift to create an additional $3 million for BLO. This will result in a total of $4 million of support for BLO over the next two years (through the 2013/14 Season). New gifts of $3,000 or more and increased gifts (for those already at the $3,000 Orfeo level) will be matched by the EnVision Opera Challenge. This visionary donor understands the vital role Opera Annex, new works, and new productions play in BLO’s future growth; they are invested in helping BLO reach the next level of artistic excellence and fiscal stability by boosting our ability to produce opera that is relevant to an even wider Boston audience.

Why $3,000?

Together, the donor and BLO decided to set a minimum threshold for qualifying gifts at $3,000 (this does not mean you must give in increasing increments of $3,000) to encourage other four-, five-, and six-figure gifts in order to sustain BLO’s future growth. With a minimum gift of $3,000, you are welcomed into the Orfeo Society where you gain access to behind-the-scenes activities and inner workings of the Company. While we greatly appreciate gifts under $3,000, they do not qualify for the EnVision Opera Challenge.

When did the EnVision Opera Challenge start?

The Challenge began on November 1, 2010. BLO met Years 1 and 2 of the EnVision Opera Challenge with qualifying gifts from the The Calderwood Charitable Foundation, Barr Foundation and Klarman Family Foundation’s Capacity Building Initiative, The Penates Foundation, and in excess of $1 million individual gifts.

What is the deadline to make a qualified gift to the Challenge Grant?

Gifts must be received by June 30, 2013 to qualify for Year 3 of the EnVision Opera Challenge. July 1, 2013 we will re-set the clock and begin raising our fourth million toward the 4 year $4 million goal!

How can my gift count for each year of the EnVision Opera Challenge?

Assuming a minimum $3,000 gift, the increased portion of your gift counts toward the Challenge every year. For example, if you gave $5,000 in 2009/2010 (the base year for factoring qualifying gifts), and donated $7,500 before June 30, 2013, the $2,500 increase would count toward the EnVision Opera Challenge.

Do I have to participate for all four years?

You can participate whenever you are able.

I have never made a gift to BLO. How will my gift be counted?
If you make a donation of $3,000 or more to BLO before June 30, your entire gift will be matched by the Challenge Grant. Gifts under $3,000 do not qualify for the Challenge.

I gave a gift to BLO many years ago. Will my gift this season count toward the EnVision Opera Challenge?
Yes! If you last gave to BLO prior to June 30, 2009, your gift this season will be treated as a new gift for the EnVision Opera Challenge. Your entire gift of $3,000 or more will be matched.

I gave a gift (or more than one) of $3,000 or more to BLO last season. What do I need to give to be counted for the EnVision Opera Challenge?
You must give an increased gift over your total giving for the 2009/2010 Season. The amount of the increase will be matched by the EnVision Opera Challenge. For example, if you previously gave $3,000, and increased to $3,001 this year, the $1 would count toward the match.

I gave a gift (or more than one) totaling less than $3,000 to BLO last season. Does my gift this season count?
Once your total giving meets the minimum threshold of $3,000, the amount of the increase will be matched by theEnVision Opera Challenge.

I still have questions and am unsure how much I gave previously.
Call 617.542.4912 x228 or email sblume@blo.org with any other questions about the EnVision Opera Challenge or to check your giving history.