Remembering Robert Honeysucker

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With the sad news of the passing of baritone Robert Honeysucker this week, we explored the BLO archives for photos and memories of his memorable performances with the Company. Here are a few of our favorites.

Video Games & Opera: Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy and opera both use gorgeous music to shape unforgettable stories. Full of of intrigue, betrayal, revolutionary coups d'état, love, and murder while staged against magnificent worlds while accompanied by beautiful orchestral scores, the Final Fantasy series shares opera’s innate sense of dramatic flair. Famous for its stories, characters, and music, Final Fantasy is an old friend and longtime staple in any gamer’s repertoire. This series helped to move the idea of what a game could and can be from a novel toy or idle pastime to an immersive, memorable journey.

Back to School with BLO

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At BLO, we’re dedicated to providing educational resources not only to our patrons, but also to educators and schools throughout the Boston community.

BLO is gearing up for our 5th year working with students and teachers in the Create Your Own Opera Partnership Last month we marked the 7th year of training teachers in arts-integrated opera curricula during a week-long summer intensive.  Teachers are getting ready to introduce their classroom to the art form of opera and the project they will be embarking on this year—creating an original opera of their own!  This includes writing or adapting a story, composing original songs, creating costumes, sets, props, and lighting, staging, rehearsing, advertising, and performing!

A Deadly Relationship: Tosca & Scarpia

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As we count down the days until BLO's opening night of Puccini's Tosca, we want to take a minute to highlight the complicated, deceitful and ultimately deadly relationship between Scarpia and Tosca.

When they first meet during Act I, Scarpia seizes the opportunity to drive a wedge between Tosca and her beloved Cavardossi, manipulating the facts to make her believe Cavaradossi has been unfaithful. Throughout the scene, we see Scarpia balancing the façade of a kindly, benevolent gentleman, offering comfort to Tosca, while cunningly destabilizing Tosca’s reality in order to make her vulnerable to his advances. As she departs, his true intentions to take Tosca for himself become clear.

Video Games & Opera: NieR Automata

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NieR: Automata elegantly poses the question of what exactly does it mean to be human? Set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, devoid of humanity, with a borderline transhumanist plot, NieR: Automata is littered with philosophical overtones. Knowing that opera has influenced philosophy, literature, and art; it is almost a given that it would have an impact on video games as well. Spoiler Warning: This post may contain spoilers for the game NieR: Automata

Hey, Renée! Meet Jenny of The Threepenny Opera

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We had the pleasure of talking to Renée Tatum who will be playing Jenny in Boston Lyric Opera's upcoming production of Kurt Weill's The Threepenny Opera. Renée also gave an exclusive performance for the BLO Orfeo Society. Read the interview below and stay tuned for clips of her performance...

Video Games & Opera: Persona 5

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Much like opera, video games are an incredible amalgamation of the arts. In the recent release of Persona 5, this love of music bursts forth with a character we at Boston Lyric Opera know all too well, Carmen.

Vissi d’arte: Top 10 Toscas

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Can you say G.O.A.T.? Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca, opening BLO’s 2017/18 Season on October 13, boasts one of the most heart-wrenching arias of all time: Vissi d'arte.

A Musical Collaboration: BLO, BEMF & Boston Baroque

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Boston’s May, 1981, performances of Monteverdi’s opera The Coronation of Poppea marked a very special moment in the city’s musical history, for the production resulted from a major collaboration by three of Boston’s great musical institutions, all then still in their infancy – Banchetto Musicale (later to be known as Boston Baroque), Boston Lyric Opera, and the Boston Early Music Festival.

From the Fifth Graders… Ten Mile Day Opera

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BLO is pleased to support the premieres of 13 original classroom operas this spring through our Create Your Own Opera Partnership residency program in greater Boston area schools. Students have worked hard to write, compose, design, and produce their own operas. BLO is pleased to support the premieres of 13 original classroom operas this spring through our Create Your Own Opera Partnership residency program in greater Boston area schools. Students have worked hard to write, compose, desig...