Video Games & Opera: Persona 5

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Much like opera, video games are an incredible amalgamation of the arts. In the recent release of Persona 5, this love of music bursts forth with a character we at Boston Lyric Opera know all too well, Carmen.

Coda: Fall 2016

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The Fall 2016 Issue of Coda, Boston Lyric Opera's Magazine, is HERE. Check it out by clicking the image below: #CarmenBLO #40daysofOpera

Soul Sisters: Carmen and Beyoncé

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The character of Carmen as originally imagined by Mérimée was a feisty, brazen woman who defied stereotypes of how a 19th century woman was supposed to behave. And as the opera Carmen grew in popularity...

The Art of the Bullfight

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If you want a more complete picture of Spanish culture, study bullfighting. Famous writers of various nationalities have eloquently expressed that sentiment from Federico García Lorca to Ernest Hemingway, most notably in the American author’s Death in the Afternoon. “It is impossible to believe the emotional and spiritual intensity and the pure, classic beauty that can be produced by a man, an animal and a piece of scarlet serge,” Hemingway wrote in 1932.