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Enter to Win with a

We know you have your own story of LOVE, LUST, and LAUGHTER… and we want to hear it!

Do you know what these three magnificent “L’s” have in common? They perfectly sum up BLO’s glorious upcoming production of The Marriage of Figaro.

Inspired by the glamour of the 1950’s, this production is full of theatricality, wit and playfulness. What could be more fun than that?

Tell us about the L that best describes your love, engagement or wedding story, in 40 words or less (with an image if you would like) and email your stories to figarolove@blo.org – we will choose favorites to be posted on our Facebook page, and one winner with the most creative story will get a $100 gift card to one of the Himmel Hospitality Group’s acclaimed Boston restaurants!

Email us your story!

“I proposed to my wife on Valentine’s Day 2015 in Dubai. The weeks leading up I contacted hotel and told them my situation and I wanted it to be special so looked for them for some advice.  When we got to room, from the door to bed there were rose petals, 2 doves (made out of towels) and a chocolate mouse cake with CONGRATULATIONS on it. My wife in a state of shock says “what is going on?” I quickly said that I think we have the wrong room.

“We continued our vacation like nothing ever happened. So fast forward to Valentine’s Day night… I chose a nice restaurant along the water with a boardwalk going out to ocean. We grabbed a drink and walked. Halfway out, I dropped to a knee and the rest is history.

“When we got back a week later, EVERYBODY wanted to hear the story and we had a good laugh telling it. People couldn’t believe the hotel almost gave away the surprise engagement.”

“It was 42 years ago…the family was far away …we were college students and managed to save some money for the major expense of the day, the 100 dollar rings. Before going to the town hall my husband secured the buttons of his beige coat from the thrift shop, while I was finishing sewing mine on my self-made blouse. After the ceremony,  the two witnesses and us ate lunch quietly in a restaurant that was completely empty since it was December 31st!

“We took one picture sitting on beautiful medieval wooden stairs… with the cathedral door peeking in the back ground.. not realizing it would later horrify his mother who thought he had converted to another religion. Then one of the witness invited us to a movie she chose for the famous and great actors, not realizing that the storyline was about 4 couples in midlife crisis… of course we had a great laugh…..it made our wedding day even more memorable!”

Mort: Sandy, my love.  We have been married almost 52 years.  How have those years been for you?”

Sandy: “Two of the best of my life!”

“Thirty-seven years ago, before digital photography, our chemistry bubbled into love over the developers and fixers in a darkroom techniques course he taught in Cambridge.  ‘I married my student,’ he tells others, even though we are the same age.”

“The photo of the proposal by the Greenway Carousel brings to mind our wedding at the Paragon Carousel in hull in 2000–not only did 100 of our invited guests ride the carousel after the ceremony but so did the many seniors who dance at the Bernie King Pavilion across the street on summer Sundays—after we walked up the street for Sunday brunch and then back down to the pavilion to dance–great fun.”

“My fiancee flew to Vegas to track me down because we had a stupid fight right before Christmas. Without notice, I left Boston to see my family and with advice from my brother, I wouldn’t speak to my fiance for two weeks to let him experience “the unknown.” He found me by calling every Vegas hotel and we have been married for 15 years now.”

“Nothing has wreaked more devastating, debilitating damage to my emotional and mental health than love.  The day that I realized I no longer wanted love in my life was the day I was set free from its heartrending cruelty.”

“Lunging for last-minute trains after lovemaking, lyricizing in local pubs, handwritten letters lit with longing, lying in fields under a luminous night sky while hitching through Lyon — adventures that made our four-year long distance love affair lasting.”

“We met five years ago on a wind-swept Scottish island—an English singer-songwriter, and a recent American college graduate.  Eyebrows raised when visitors and volunteers mingled, but as we gazed up at the LUMINESCENT, star-scattered sky, I realized how close we stood.  I didn’t step away.”