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As our loyal audience, our tried and true opera lovers, your enthusiasm for the art of opera make the magic happen at BLO.

Your subscriber packages enable BLO to continue to create compelling productions, engaging community events and curiosity-building school programs.

What’s Your Favorite Thing about BLO’s Subscribers?

“My favorite part of working with subscribers is hearing their feedback regarding our productions. It’s always interesting hearing how art affects each audience member on a different intellectual and emotional level, especially when it is not their first time seeing the opera. Thank you Subscribers for all of your support and we hope to keep up the good work for you!

– Bailey
Patron Services Associate

“Our subscribers have inspired me to learn more about opera and in turn, I have become a fan!  It is wonderful getting the chance to meet our subscribers at our performances and see familiar faces at our library events. Thank you for your dedication to BLO and for helping to instill in me an appreciation for opera!

– Narcissa
Audience Services Coordinator

“The best part of my job is being able to work directly with our patrons, whether it’s renewing their subscription, exchanging their seats or helping with whatever else might come up! We learn a lot from them, too; I’ve even received a book about opera from one of our subscribers that we keep up front — it helps us familiarize ourselves with the operas we produce and the composers. Our patrons are fiercely dedicated to the art form and to BLO, and it’s that love that’s helped us continue our work for the last 40 years. Thank you for all you do!

– Rebecca
Audience Services Manager

Subscribers and Board of Overseers members, Jane & Cosmo Papa at the final dress rehearsal for BLO's 2016 production of Carmen

Subscribers and Board of Overseers members,
Jane & Cosmo Papa
at the final dress rehearsal for
BLO’s 2016 production of Carmen


Meet Jane and Cosmo Papa, members of BLO’s Board of Overseers and a pair of BLO’s most devoted volunteers, met while volunteering at the Boston Opera House for Sarah Caldwell’s Opera Company of Boston in 1980. As members of Sarah Caldwell’s volunteer group, Sarah’s Loving Hands, they were tasked with restoring the theater before the Company’s upcoming production. The two met one Saturday morning when Jane approached Cosmo about receiving her tasks for the day which included cleaning a chandelier. The pair first socialized as part of a large group of volunteers, and when the volunteer opportunities slowed down, they decided to keep seeing each other. For their first date, they went to see an opera film version of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Besides attending BLO productions and other opera concerts around town, Jane and Cosmo enjoy visiting other cultural institutions together like the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Jane and Cosmo have been subscribing to BLO for 25 seasons and began volunteering for BLO 11 years ago. Jane and Cosmo admire BLO productions’ creativity and are committed to supporting BLO as Boston’s principal opera company.

Says Jane “First, BLO always strives to engage and stimulate its audience (not just entertain), making sure one goes home thinking about and feeling something different, and at least some of the time, humming a tune! The productions always feature a point of view and the best available creative team and artists to explore that concept. The casting of singing artists always features a strong ensemble quality in addition to the strengths of the singers as individuals. One may not find all productions equally suited to one’s taste, but all productions reach very high artistic standards.”

“Second, Boston deserves and needs a first class opera company, a chief organization that leads the way for all other opera companies in the city, much the way the BSO establishes standards of excellence that other symphonic and chamber groups in the city strive to match. BLO is that opera company and must remain so, insuring that Boston’s operatic and vocal arts life continue to flourish. In addition to the above described excellence that has become the hallmark of the Company’s work, BLO is actively involved in weaving itself into the musical life of the city in ways that extend far beyond the theater, through extensive community engagement programming and diverse educational offerings”, Jane said.

Last fall’s Carmen brought Jane and Cosmo back to the Boston Opera House, where they celebrated their 31st Anniversary on the night of Final Dress Rehearsal, September 21st.

“Opera is a core part of our life together.”

Congratulations Jane and Cosmo, and thank you for being such an important part of the BLO family!

We invite you to share with us your stories of love at the opera or a fond memory from the opera!

To participate, simply email with your anecdote and an optional photo of you and your loved one at the opera, and we will include your story on BLO’s blog and social media.

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Whether you’ve lost your tickets, want to exchange your seats or have any questions, our team is here for you.  Any questions you might have, we’ll do our best to help – we want your experience with us to be the best it can be.


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