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As London scrubs up for the coronation, the police cut deals left and right to keep the filth out of sight. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Peachum’s daughter can’t be found…and a notorious gangster is back in town. A landmark 20th century work rarely performed by a professional opera company, The Threepenny Opera sends up a satiric critique of capitalism and the meaning of morality when living in the slums.

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The Threepenny Opera
Music by Kurt Weill | Libretto by Bertolt Brecht
A new BLO production
Sung in English, but please note that this production will not have surtitles.

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Conductor David Angus
Stage Director James Darrah
Set Designer Julia Noulin-Mérat
Costume Designer Charles Neumann
Lighting Designer Pablo Santiago


Kelly Kaduce | Polly Peachum, THE THREE PENNY OPERA, Boston Lyric Opera

Kelly Kaduce

Polly Peachum
Christopher Burchett | Macheath, THE THREE PENNY OPERA, Boston Lyric Opera

Christopher Burchett

Daniel Belcher| Tiger Brown, THE THREE PENNY OPERA, Boston Lyric Opera

Daniel Belcher

Tiger Brown
Renée Tatum | Jenny, THE THREE PENNY OPERA, Boston Lyric Opera

Renée Tatum


With Chelsea Basler, Ryne Cherry, David Cushing, Jesse Darden, Heather Gallagher, James Maddalena, Andy Papas, Vera Savage, Michelle Trainor, and Ron Williams

Huntington Avenue Theatre

264 Huntington Avenue | Boston, MA | 02115

Huntington Avenue Theatre, photo by Nile Hawver

Designed and constructed as America’s first civic playhouse, the building today known as the Huntington Avenue Theatre was the first tax-exempt theatre established in the nation. Construction having begun in 1923, it was formally opened with Sheridan’s The Rivals on November 10‚ 1925. The architect was J. Williams Beal and Sons. It is the resident home to the Huntington Theatre Company.

Directions and Parking


  • Seating is divided into three sections, Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony. The Orchestra is on the main level, and the Mezzanine and Balcony are on the second level, separated by an aisle break.
  • The Mezzanine and Balcony are accessible by stairs in the main lobby; there is no elevator access to these levels.       There are no stairs required to enter the Orchestra.
  • The Mezzanine overhangs the Orchestra after row J.
Huntington Avenue Theatre | THE THREEPENNY OPERA | MAR 16-25, 2018 | Boston Lyrica Opera


  • There is no elevator access to the Mezzanine and Balcony.
  • There is one accessible single-stall restroom on the main level.
  • Listening devices are available at concessions in the main lobby.


  • Restrooms for all other patrons are on the balcony level and the lower lobby level, accessible by stairs.


  • Concessions are available in the main lobby.


  • Coat check is available in the downstairs lobby.

Soho, London: June, 1838, leading up to the coronation of Queen Victoria.

A busking street singer sets the stage by describing the recent crimes of the murderer and gangster Macheath – better known as “Mack the Knife.”

Mr. and Mrs. Peachum’s daughter, Polly, did not return home last night. They conclude that she spent the evening with Macheath, and Peachum – the boss of London’s beggars – vows to destroy him.

Polly and Macheath celebrate their marriage with a crowd of his men. The Chief of Police, Tiger Brown, arrives, and Macheath reveals that Brown is on the take. Polly returns home and announces her marriage to her parents, inadvertently sharing Macheath and Brown’s connection.

Macheath and Polly make plans for him to evade arrest. He visits his favorite brothel to say good-bye to his ex, Jenny – whom Mrs. Peachum has bribed. Brown arrests him.

In jail, Macheath reflects before his hanging. Polly jealously argues with Lucy, Brown’s daughter and another of Macheath’s girlfriends. Lucy helps Macheath escape, but Peachum coerces Brown into arresting him again. Back in jail, Macheath unsuccessfully appeals to his associates for help. Suddenly, a messenger arrives with startling news, and the company gathers to sing the final moral of the tale.

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