EnVision Opera Challenge

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In August 2014, BLO successfully completed the EnVision Opera Challenge, a four-year $1 million grant from an anonymous family foundation–in support of

These funds will bring BLO to the next level of artistic excellence and fiscal strength, leveraging BLO’s hallmark Opera Annex and General & Artistic Director Esther Nelson’s expanded artistic vision.

The generous grant was a one-to-three match, giving BLO the opportunity to leverage the $1 million gift into an additional $3 million dollars, which totaled $4 million over four years.

We leveraged $250,000 to attract $750,000 from foundations and individuals each year from 2010 to 2014.

This infusion of $4 million will allow us to allocate – not just through 2014, but beyond – the resources necessary to sustain the Company, fiscally and artistically, long into the future.

We are so thankful to those who participated in the EnVision Opera Challenge.