EnVision Opera Challenge

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BLO is nearing the completion of Year 4 of the EnVision Opera Challenge, a four-year $1 million grant from an anonymous family foundation–in support of

These funds will bring BLO to the next level of artistic excellence and fiscal strength, leveraging BLO’s hallmark Opera Annex and General & Artistic Director Esther Nelson’s expanded artistic vision.

The grant is a one-to-three match, giving BLO the opportunity to leverage the $1 million gift into an additional $3 million dollars to total $4 million over four years.

Annually we will leverage $250,000 to attract $750,000 from foundations and individuals.

An infusion of $4 million will allow us to allocate – not just through 2014, but beyond – the resources necessary to sustain the Company, fiscally and artistically, long into the future.

How to Participate

In order to qualify for the match, gifts must be

  1. $3,000 or greater
  2. greater than your contribution made in the base fiscal year of 2010. The incremental increase will count toward the match.

All donors immediately become members of our Orfeo Society, entitling you to benefits granting rare behind-the-scenes access.

Questions? Contact Sarah B. Blume, Director of Major Gifts, 617.542.4912 x228

Significance of the Challenge

The Challenge began on November 1, 2010. BLO met Years 1, 2 and 3 of the EnVision Opera Challenge with qualifying gifts from the The Calderwood Charitable Foundation, Barr Foundation and Klarman Family Foundation’s Capacity Building Initiative, The Penates Foundation, and in excess of $1 million individual gifts.

While BLO has been fortunate to offer matches in the past due to the generosity of our Board, the EnVision Opera Challenge is unique in that it

  • comes from a non-Board donor
  • is of such magnitude (BLO has received only a handful of $1 million dollar gifts in its history)
  • is specifically and strongly designed to encourage large gifts
  • supports Opera Annex as well as new productions, new works, and new artistic directions.